Daylight Savings Means Darker Earlier as We Fall Back in Time


Pictured is the annual holiday tree at Fashion Island, Newport Beach, Calif., billed as the biggest live (as opposed to artificial) holiday tree in the U.S. As we roll back the clock this weekend, elves are busy preparing for the shopping mall tree to arrive and be decorated, just like every mall and city in California is planning in the upcoming weeks.

Daylight savings time is horrible for many whose bodies have a hard time adjusting annually to the not one, but two changes of the clock. Many of us in a constant state of confusion, are calling for our governments to end the insanity of changing the clock an hour forward or backward twice each year. Just pick a time and stick with it!

In the fall as the clock is rolled back an hour, we suddenly spend a lot more drive time in the dark. That’s not so bad, but the sun dropping down as you’re driving is a killer when you stare right at it and can’t see the stoplights.

Some states have chosen not to honor a federal law that created Daylight Savings Ritual–Arizona and Hawaii are much happier than the rest of the nation in that accord. It’s a great time for California to end daylight savings time. Just pick a time–any time is fine!

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