Disneyland Teacups Celebrate 40 Years

A very merry un-birthday to you, Disneyland. Derived from the Unbirthday Party scene of Disney's Alice In Wonderland, the teacups at Disney's Fantasyland in Anaheim have been playing the same tune for 40 years, come Oct. 1, 2011. Millions of spinning rides have brought joy, dizziness, and memories to those who have ridden the teacups at the original park. See the video to rekindle your memories.

Spreading the love - Disneyland parks throughout the world (5 of them to date) all enjoy this ride in their Fantasyland section of their park. It's a huge success even 40 years later.

While the history of the teacup actually dates back to China some 2,200 years (those cups didn't have handles like the teacups on the Disneyland rides,) and the story of Alice in Wonderland dates to 1865, making it almost 150 years old, the Disney movie based on the novel by Lewis Carroll provided the theme and music for the ride that has become a world-wide attraction. Hat's Off to this ride and the "Mad" Hatter in the Mad Tea Party that toddlers and adults can experience in a ride to remember.

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