Dog Costumes Top 10 For Halloween


Americans will spend approx. $310-350 million on pet costumes for Halloween annually, far less than they plan to spend on Halloween costumes for themselves and their children. Most the costumes will be placed on dogs, naturally. Man's best buddy gets in the Halloween spirit (like it or not) and though most buy their costumes right off the rack, we've seen some hula dancer-dogs and ballet dogs wearing tutus. Most popular pet costume will be a pumpkin (10.7%), with devils (8.1%) and hot dogs (6.0%) following closely behind. Ironically, some pet owners also plan to dress their pet up like a cat (3.7%) or a dog (2.0%).

The top 10 costumes people purchase for the howl-oween pets averaged over several seasons are:

  • 1. Pumpkin
  • 2. Devil
  • 3. Hot Dog
  • 4. Bee
  • 5. Cat
  • 6. Witch
  • 7. Bow-ties / fancy attire
  • 8. Pirate
  • 9. Dog
  • 10. Ghost


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