Eco-Holiday Greetings in Corona del Mar, CA

There's only one to find out what season it is on Pacific Coast Highway in Corona del Mar. Look at the dolphin-shaped plants in the greenbelt to see what their decor reveals. When they wear the red Santa hats, there is only one conclusion-Christmas is coming!

A source of entertainment for commuters, tourists and locals driving along the slightly twisted stretch of road between Fashion Island in Newport Beach to the north, and Crystal Cove State Beach to the south, the traffic usually stops around the the dolphin plants in Corona del Mar. That gives you a chance to enjoy the colorful themed displays that range from giant Easter Baskets and over-sized plastic purple eggs, or orange pumpkins & jack-o-lanterns, to Santa hats with white fur trim, all annually seen as these eco-living holiday displays inject a little light in your holidays.

Corona del Mar is a subdivision of the City of Newport Beach. It is one of those places that could easily be considered a city unto itself. It has its own Chamber of Commerce, its own beaches, houses, streets, and decorating contests. The name means "crown of the sea". The city streets are named after flowers mostly.

Corona del Mar (CDM) includes lovely spots for simple weddings, proposals, and just day-tripping. Inspiration Point is one such spot where many a couple has tied the knot.

Each year around Christmas the CDM Chamber brings festivities to Coast Highway with Santa Claus and merchant discounts for shoppers. The annual event is held around the first weekend in December.

Any time of year is a great time to take a cruise on PCH where you will pass by the dolphins on the greenbelt that divides north and southbound traffic. For those wishing to stop, there's a Starbucks, Five Crowns restaurant with amazing meals, beautiful beaches, and Sherman Library & Gardens.

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