Eureka, I Have Found It!


Eureka, Calif.-Victorian mansions in near-perfect shape are one of the highlights to a visit to Northern California redwood coast. This is where the world's tallest trees reside. Once you visit, you can't get Humboldt County out of your mind. Unlike the stucco cities of Southern California, the northern coast boasts big houses and buildings made so well that 100 years later they live to tell.

The Carson Mansion in Eureka is one such Victorian that will amaze you with its unique green paint and darker trim. It's something you won't want to miss on any visit. Stay down the street at the Carter House Inn that includes replica Victorians built not so long ago.

When California Gold Rush miners declared, "Eureka!" upon discovering gold, their declaration was so significant and bold, that today you'll find "Eureka" is part of the state motto.

When you visit the city of Eureka, the words, "I found it," may run through your head...but you'll be thinking of a towering paradise of redwoods and Victorian abodes, instead.

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