Everyone Knows Cambria and Its Ocean View Hotels

CAMBRIA, CALIF. - Pismo Beach is known for its fun loving family vacations where you can ride ATVs, ride horseback and build a bonfire on the sand on the south side of the beaches, but for romance and ditching any kids you may have, Moonstone Beach in Cambria is the Central Coast choice for view hotels that offer suite (sweet) vacations. With over half a dozen hotels offering view rooms and suites, you'd think your options would be wide open, but on weekends that isn't always the case. It seems that years of Internet publicity about about this special place has made it a top choice for weekend getaways.

Don't be deterred! If you plan your vacation stays for weekdays, if you book in advance, or if you go off season, you'll still find rooms to suit your needs.

What's all the fuss?

Cambria is centrally located between Southern California and Northern California. That makes it a great meeting point for friends and families living in the north and south.

Ocean view rooms in California are hard to come by. Everybody wants them, but such accommodations are not always easy to obtain. Cambria's Moonstone Beach hotels nearly all have ocean view rooms and suites, and some have patios, too. Cambria is charming and has many hotels closer to downtown shops, but if you specifically are searching for ocean view rooms, stick with Moonstone Beach Drive.

Cambria remains quaint. With a limited city water supply that has kept it from building more, the town retains the charm of an English village. Flower gardens abound, gourmet restaurants are the pride of the town, and shops are uniquely non-chain stores, for the most part. People want to experience something slightly untouched by progress.

Wine country focus. Cambria is on the edge of one of California's premier wine country regions and the wine tasting and wine bars provide some unique tasting options. That truly enhances a visitor experience when they have access to new, exciting boutique wines.

Hearst Castle nearby. Cambria is a few miles California's top State Park asset and attraction- Hearst Castle. A visit to the Castle is a must for those who haven't been. Book ahead to save time.

Nature abounds at the Elephant Seal Rookery a few miles north of the city. Be sure to drive up Highway 1 where you'll find the rookery on your left near Piedras Blancas Lighthouse.


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