Ghosts of the California Coast


Pictured is the haunted Olivas Adobe in Ventura, Calif. Ghosts tours are conducted on Halloween by famed ghost expert, Richard Senate.

Ghosts of the Coast are abundant in history, lore and in real life tales from Californians and visitors who have experienced paranormal activity– seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling things that seem real, then disappear. You need only ask locals the “ghost” question, but when you do, expect surprises. Sometimes there’s no story at all, but when a tale unfolds, it can be shocking!

Just yesterday I posed that very question to the owner of a beach restaurant in Southern California and his answer was amazing. I was interviewing the successful entrepreneur about his business, NOT planning to ask such an oddball question that popped out of my mouth unexpectedly about ghosts. The man paused, then spoke about how he and his wife were advised by a well known seer from Hawaii. The seer told the Californians that the land their restaurant is located on has hundreds of spirits from ancient times. The tunnels in the building are where strange activity occurs, but he wouldn’t take me in there. Maybe soon!

Because of the abundance of food next to the sea, the location was highly desirable–and hungrier tribes wanted their share of the bounty. Bloodshed occurred on the ground beneath this current day restaurant, and there are spirits that seem to haunt the place apparently. This former attorney and Marine who told me the story confessed that he wasn’t comfortable discussing or thinking about the topic. We changed the subject.

Here are some frequently reported ghost along the California coast:

  • GHOST TREE GHOST – Thousands of people on bus tours stop daily to look at the Ghost Tree on 17 Mile Drive, so named for its ghostly appearance and shape. If you linger on a foggy night, perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of the Lady in Lace ghost many have noticed, wandering along this stretch of highway. Draped in white lace and seen near the Ghost Tree, she looks sad, then disappears into emptiness.
  • BLUE LADY – At the Moss Beach Distillery north of Monterey in San Mateo County, The Blue Lady ghost featured on Unsolved Mysteries television show is seen often by restaurant employees and customers. When you dine at the restaurant that was once a speak-easy, you may see the lady dressed in blue as she disappears before your eyes.
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