California Photo: Girl with Pink Polka Dot Bikini and Stilettos at Car Show


You gotta' love Autumn in California. It's the sunny season where car shows attract thousands of people ranging from tiny tots to bikini-clad women and the mainstay-men with cars. At a recent California car show where "old guys rule", shooting the breeze and talking about their beloved classics, one codger discussed his two-tone beauty-an early 1950s Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Traveler 4-D0or Sedan. He entered it into the annual Belmont Shore Car Show, one of many such shows he's participated in, sometimes winning a prize.

"I'm the original owner," he said. With all the usual stories about growing up with his prized possession, racing and revving the engine, and courting his wife who didn't care much for cars but sure liked him, he talked about his love affair-with his car. But that was before I told him an attractive girl in a bikini was passing by.

He suddenly bounced out of his lawn chair as if someone had lit a fire. He ran over to the blonde bombshell lickety split, asking her to pose in front of his classic automobile. The tall, long-haired beauty with a hot pink & black polka dot bikini (plus matching polka dot stilettos) struck a pose as a crowd of men instantly gathered, all snapping away at this favorite scene of the car show world.

"You see, this is what is overlooked about California," the Chrysler car collector said. "People don't realize we have such pretty girls in California. Beautiful cars & girls-they don't know what they're missing-we're just so lucky!"

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