Going to the (Unusual) Chapel in The Sea Ranch, California

The Sonoma County Coast north of San Francisco provides a meandering drive where you'll see buttercup flowers busting loose in dew-drop meadows, the Pacific edge (an endless blue sea that stretches to the horizon,) and a unique building that looks like a bird taking flight. The Sea Ranch Chapel was designed by a Southern Californian who understood the vision of local "Ranch" couple, Robert & Betty Buffum.

When architect James T. Hubbell was hired to create a place where many couples have tied the knot, he used local materials such as stones and redwood lumber, and contractors from the area to create a beautiful monument to innovation and creativity.

You can rent out The Sea Ranch Chapel for a wedding. It only holds a handful of guests so it's not going to work for even the average wedding ceremony.

Visitors passing by can stop and visit the chapel. The doors are open daily and once inside, you'll feel like a leprechaun in this small place where the redwood benches are carved, and the fantasy chapel with its teak doors and stained glass windows that surround you are close enough that you can touch nearly everything you see with just a few steps.

Small in size, the vision to build the chapel was expansive. The Buffums sought to provide a place for meditation and spiritual renewal for both locals and travelers passing by on Highway 1. Now that's a road stop like no other!

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