Great Sunsets & Pier Fishing This Week in CA!


The sunsets are great and the fish are biting this week in California, where we came across a Bellflower resident, Joshua, who was having good luck. He caught a 26 inch halibut off the pier (used other fish as bait) and was looking toward a fantastic meal. While Joshua had a fishing license that allows him to fish off the beaches (his favorite spot), boats, lakes and anywhere you can legally fish, he caught the five pound critter on the pier, where fishing is absolutely free! An audience watched Josh struggle for about 10 minutes to reel in his catch. Estimated value of his success? If purchased across the street at Pavilions market, it would cost him approx. $100, he said.


Wanna fish? Fishing off California piers is free and costs around $25 for the set-up, though you can rent fishing poles at many piers for under $10. If you don't like fishing, then go to see the sunsets. Exceptional colors and lighting will bring you enough entertainment-absolutely free!

Find out why sunsets are so orange or yellow.

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