Hangtown's Morbid Past in California Gold Country


Today Placerville, California is a peaceful place. The houses and buildings in old downtown are historic, immaculate, and have stories to tell. One such place, the Hangman's Tree, offers a glimpse into why the city once was called Hangtown. It was a place where miners during the California gold rush era would meet justice if they'd murdered a man. In return, they could expect to be hanged in a town display with everyone coming to watch. A very old saloon is where the tree and hanging location probably existed, and people who have worked there don't dispute their experiences with a ghost or two in this California ghost town.

When you visit Sacramento to see its many museums, or to lobby or complain to local rep at the California State Capitol, do take time to enjoy a scenic drive outside the city, and be sure to visit Placerville in El Dorado County, where you'll see and can tour, Gold Bug Mine.

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