Happening at the Zoo - Boo at Zoo Halloween Events in California


This Halloween the zoos in California plan to create a festive atmosphere as zookeepers and animals get in the spirit of the season. From Halloween costume contests for children, to train rides, pumpkin carving, and the animal favorite-smashing pumpkins-there's excitement in the air, and you are invited. While Halloween is always held on October 31 and falls on a Monday in 2011, the zoo Halloween-themed events are held on the days and weeks surrounding Oct. 31. Be sure to mark your calendar and get ready for some smashing fun!

  • In Big Bear Lake, the Flashlight Tour is a treat for adults who normally sleep while nocturnal beasts are active. You can see them and hear about the animal world with your flashlight tour guide.
  • At the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach there's a flashlight tour of the aquarium at the Halloween sleepover family event, plus 2 days of Scarium fun.
  • At Fresno Chaffee Zoo, the entire is decorated for the occasion.
  • Oakland Zoo includes a costume parade for kids.
  • Sacramento Zoo has ghoulish fun, with 17 candy stations surrounding Lake Victoria.
  • Santa Barbara "boo at the zoo" includes elephants and other animals smashing the pumpkins, in amazing, action-packed days of entertainment.

Santa Ana Zoo, Orange County Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium and maybe some more are having their annual Halloween events. We have feelers out to Los Angeles Zoo, and notice that Halloween events aren't listed on San Diego Zoo or San Francisco Zoo calendars. For updates and more information, check our list.

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