Life IS Fair in California!

This is the FAIR Season in California. Here are a few to chomp on this week! And here are more to come!

ANDERSON - Shasta District Fair June 15 - 19, 2011
DEL MAR - San Diego County Fair June 10 - July 4, 2011
MERCED - Merced County Fair - June 15- 19, 2011 Saddle Up for Fun
PLACERVILLE - El Dorado County Fair - June 16 -19, 2011
SAN MATEO - Santa Mateo County Fair June 11 - 19, 2011
STOCKTON - San Joaquin Fair June 15 -19, 2011

California proves that life IS Fair, offering so may fairs each year that vendors who travel the fair circuit don't get a breather until November. Though fair boards in most (58) counties throughout California recently declared "life isn't fair," the show goes on in annual traditions over 100 years old.

Why the sour grapes? Many fair boards have feared their government funding sources are going to be cut due to California's big budget deficit and the former governor's threat to sell off state-owned fairgrounds to the highest bidders. The plan was stalled when Gerry Brown replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger, though nothing has been resolved.

California's deficit could impact fair-goers at some point and in some counties, but for now, it's fair season and for those who love fried butter appetizers, fat foods, sugar drinks, monster hot dogs, foot massage machines, fairways, pigs, cows and thrill rides filled with screams, this is your time to shine!

Note: Fairs are fun, but the California State Budget is not. We tried looking at the 266 page report presented by Governor Brown and just downloading the thing takes a long time. According to summaries from other sources, California (the 8th largest economy in the world) is around $13.4 billion in the hole in 2011. California is one of 44 states and the District of Columbia projecting a budget shortfall for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

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