Little River Inn Saved Our Bacon!

Mendocino County, California — You don't appreciate electricity so much until you lose it. On a road trip along the California Coast, we made our way along the fog-shrouded Highway 1 in Mendocino County. It was getting dark, and as luck would have it, a place appeared around the bend, looking so inviting on the hill. People were parked and heading into the country style charmer, which turned out to be a B&B inn, with fine dining on premises.

We booked a room for the night and had a delicious meal in the intimate restaurant where we learned what was going on and why there was a dinner rush on a week night. It turned out that a thunder storm had passed through and locals came to eat at the only place in sight that ran generators, allowing the chef to cook his evening dishes. Nearly everyone for miles around in North Mendocino County had no electricity, but they knew there was a spot they could count on for gourmet cuisine, cool boutique wines, and the evening glow and cozy hospitality in Little River Inn.

While the hotel rates in the peak season don't necessarily match your expecations for the standard rooms that are nothing special, the decks with views of the Pacific Ocean make up for the modest accommodations. And the meals steal the show as much as the ocean views. It's like being out in a forest when wild birds land on your deck and chirp away their tunes, yet in back of the property are modern conveniences such as a nine hole golf course and tennis courts.

In the morning when we awoke during our stay at Little River, we headed down to the restaurant for coffee, eggs & bacon, and toast. The hotel was still running its generators and the locals were still flocking in for hot meals. It is fair to say that Little River Inn saved our bacon!

Would I stay at Little River Inn again? Absolutely! (

For nearby activities, the Village of Mendocino offers interesting shopping, a museum with local history exhibits, beach strolls, and dining, too!

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