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Little River is an oceanfront town of less than 500 residents on the Northern California coast in north Mendocino County, California. Made up primarily of tourism, the town has several bed and breakfast inns and hotels, and is located near larger cities such as the town of Mendocino and city of Fort Bragg where locals tend to do their major shopping.

Pictured is the Little River Inn, Little River, California. (

Activities at the hotel include a nine hole golf course and tennis courts providing cultural sports.

There is also ocean kayaking, beach-combing and a state park nearby for excellent hikes or camping.

From Elk to Fort Bragg where the North coast lies, Little River and is neighboring towns are known for their unique architecture, rugged bluffs and abundance of quality chefs who have gravitated to the area because of its bounty of fresh produce, wines, and country lifestyle.

The South Coast spans Gualala to Irish Beach, marked by dramatic headlands and the historic lighthouse in Point Arena.

Inland from the ocean is Anderson Valley that stretches on a ribbon of highway between Yorkville and Navarro. It is the heart of Mendocino County and is where the local wines are grown in the more sun-soaked region of the county away from the foggy mists. Take Highway 128 and cruise on rolling hills planted with yellow mustard and the landmark grapes that signal wineries where you might be able to visit a tasting room to sample the regional, award-winning wines.

Russian River Valley is famous for its country charm along the Russian River, the trees and shrubs that grow wild, and cute towns that make you want to pack up and move there.

Back in Little River after your local exploring, you'll discover that a place so remote actually has a small craft airport that can facilitate smaller jets.


Van Damme State Park, with beach and forest camping

Fern Canyon Trail

Pygmy forest, one of the last in the world.


Mendocino - the only town on the California Coast designated as a Historical Landmark, gets a lot of Hollywood film credits. It has been used for a variety of movies and filming. Like Ferndale to the north, its 1850's architecture is reminiscent of Maine-- Victorians and saltbox cottages still stand the tides of time, thanks generally to the abundance of redwood lumber that was used in construction during an era when the giant redwood forests were not considered endangered or off limits.

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