Los Angeles Flight Path Museum Rekindles Golden Age of Flying

If you remember owning the heaviest, best Samsonite luggage money could buy, be sure to visit the Flight Path Learning Center Museum that sits on the edge of a runway at Los Angeles International Airport. Admission is absolutely free, and the experience will make you miss the days when passengers weren't charged for necessities, and even received free items to make travel more comfortable.

A slew of freebies that airlines such as the defunct TWA used to give out are in display cases at the museum. For those old enough to remember traveling and getting goodies, being treated like royalty (even in coach) and generally looking forward to taking a trip on a plane, the museum will prove we've come a long way, baby, though not necessarily for the better.

PSA, PanAm, Western Airlines and TWA all are represented with great displays such as stewardess outfits that included hot pink mini-skirts and white vinyl go-go boots. An entire section in the museum includes airline couture. Best of all, several of the volunteers are retired "stewardesses" or flight attendants.

The museum is free admission. Flight Path Learning Center Museum, LAX Imperial Terminal, located at 6661 W. Imperial Highway, Los Angeles, Ca. Cost: Free. Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Parking is Free. Telephone: (424) 646-7284. flightpath.us

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