Mammoth Magic, A Memory Maker!


When neighbor Chris Draper packed up and moved to Mammoth Lakes, we all scratched our heads and wondered how he would survive–living on the edge of the earth or a mountain, at least. Chris was a mountain bike rider, snowboarder, and basically lived for weekends when he could leave the beaches and flatlands and be high up in the heavens, enjoying his favorite sports.

Mammoth Lakes is a primo mountain escape for millions of tourists seeking to experience that natural high that California’s Sierra Nevada mountains affords.

Each year during the winter holiday season, cabins and vacation rentals charge their highest rates of the year, thanks to the near-guarantee that their will be snow. Mammoth generally gets the greatest snowfall sums of any mountain resort in California, often averaging just under 400 inches per season! You can ski June Mountain or Mammoth Mountain during your trip, try snow sledding, snowboarding, and a host of winter snow activities that you’ll never see down in the flatlands.

Be warned! Once you experience this magical, winter wonderland, you may be hooked like our former neighbor, Chris, who one day closed out his business, packed his bags, left Southern California and never looked back!

Mammoth Lakes has approx. 34 hotels and lodging options you can book online, such as Best Western, EconoLodge, and many independently owned and operated hotels.

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