Manhattan Beach Pier in South Bay L.A.

Manhattan Beach is one of Los Angeles County's favorite destinations for surfing, volleyball, dining, and people watching. On any day your chances are great to see sunshine and a whole lot of people strolling the Manhattan Beach Pier. They visit from all over the world, hoping to see famous actors & actresses, and the glorious beaches, of course. Manhattan Beach is one of the closest beaches to Los Angeles International Airport and to Hollywood, which partially explains its popularity, but the pier is a great attraction all on its own, providing fantastic strolls after eating a meal, driving a distance, or staying locally.

The pier, located at the western end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard, is owned by the State of California and maintained and operated by the City of Manhattan Beach. Manhattan State Beach Pier is known for its red domed rooftop covering the building at the end of the pier. This building has undergone significant restoration since its original construction in 1920 and is commonly referred to as the "Roundhouse." The west side of the Roundhouse is occupied by an aquarium with a marine studies lab and the east side has operated as a food concession for more than 10 years. The 190-square foot cafe features an outdoor, walk-up counter where hungry tourists and locals can buy sodas, sandwiches and snacks and watch the amazing scenery from several outdoor tables available to guests.

Four or five California piers are double the length of this pier, which means Manhattan pier is ideal for easy, fast strolls-important to know when your meter is ticking. If you can find the time, be sure to visit the free admission Roundhouse Marine Aquarium which includes display tanks with fish and sea life indigenous to this Pacific Ocean region.

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