Mark and Willie to the Rescue


Note: This poem is a contribution from Pulitzer Prize nominee C. MacDonald

Just sit right back, And you'll hear, A tale of a fateful trip
That started from a local bay, aboard a tiny ship.
The mate was a mighty sailin'man, The skipper brave and sure,
Ten jolly passengers set sail that day, For a 2 hour tour, For a 2 hour tour.

Everyone's banter was a happy one, As friends they all did chat,
Then in the middle of the bay, the captain said, "Our power's gone!"
The engine would not start & the wheel could not be turned, As we floated all around, nearly hitting two docked ships, sitting in their slips. Nearly hitting two docked ships, sitting in their slips.

But Panic did not set in, As this brave group thought about its fate, We drifted here and there, Thinking of Pirates and Sharks, When all of a sudden we heard Barks.

The first mate spotted an approaching craft, With a man, woman and dogs, An "S.O.S"was shouted out, And our new friends Mark & Willie rushed over. They grabbed the bow rope, and fearlessly towed our disabled boat. And fearlessly towed our disabled boat.

They guided us into an empty slip, Then left with haste,
To tell the ship's owners across the bay, To please send help our way. Our heroes returned, Leading a new boat right to our slip, We transferred to it quick, And continued on our trip. And continued on our trip.

We saluted Mark and Willie, And their two dogs as well, Shouting "Thanks"to them all, For us they did stand tall!
We know they were from Marina Del Rey, But that is all we got, So Mark and Willie, And your dogs too, We all gratefully say, "Thank You, Thank You!"We gratefully say, "Thank You, Thank You!"

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