Nation's Biggest YoYo Weighs 256 Pounds!

If you know a SuperNova Light from the One Drop 54, you gotta visit Chico, California, the epi-center of yo-yo collections in the National Yo-Yo Museum. Inside you'll find cases filled with yo-yo's documenting the history of this bel0ved sport, and there's even a humongous 256 pound Duncan yo-yo, a No Jive 3 in 1 Smooth that actually works! The only problem is that this Guinness World Record holder yo-yo can't be picked by anything less than a giant. They call it a Big-Yo.

Just yesterday (March 5, 2011) the California State YoYo Contest was held in Sacramento, a lead up to the big National Contest held each October in Chico. People come from around the globe to compete in the longest held yoyo competition in the world, while hundreds took part in yesterday's action. Jenson Kimmitt took the top prize of around $1,000 inthe 1A division with a score of 95.92. It had been a tough challenge and looked like Gentry Stein was certain to win it, but Kimmitt came in strong for the finish. Other top 10 scores:
3. Augie Fash with a score of 87.18; 4. Anthony Rojas 82.04; 5. Tyler Severance 81.52; 6. Paul Han 77.31; 7. Kentaro Kimura 73.30; 8. Guy Wright 72.84; 9. John Chow 71.62; 10. Miguel Correa 70.10.

If you haven't picked up a yo-yo in a long time, you will be amazed at how the newest models seem to fly. The traditional wooden Duncan still is honored, but has taken its place in history like a classic wooden skateboard made of maple, or a classic wooden surfboard that weighed twice the sum of today's models.

Check out the National Yo-Yo Museum if you happen to be passing by Chico, and if you are really good, sign up to work your way into the National Yo-Yo Championship in Chico the first weekend in October.

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