Oceano Dunes is Beautiful Retreat on California's Central Coast

California's Central Coast is a fast growing beach destination that also holds the distinction of producing great strawberries and wine. Even the poinsettias you purchase at Christmas from Costco may have been grown in the area.

Oceano Dunes in the city of Oceano is among the natural assets that tourists like to visit, especially if they drive dune buggies or ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles). One of the last remaining public places for this activity, and the only state beach to permit ATV riding (along with camping,) the attraction draws people from California's Central Valley, Southern California and the Bay Area.

When we visit we like to stay at the Pacific Resort next to the dunes, with condominium type accommodations about half a block from the beach and dunes. At night when the moon is glowing bright, you can buy firewood next to the beach and concessions, create a blazing bonfire on the beach and really get a feel for what Central Coast is all about.

The ATV rentals are available at the beach if you want to try out the sport. Hotels nearby include beach hotels to the north in Pismo Beach, and Santa Maria to the south. Read more...>

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