San Jose State University Launched the Biggest University System in U.S.

SAN JOSE, CA- While sports enthusiasts know about and discuss the ball teams that California colleges produce, San Jose State University (SJSU) holds another distinction often missed by the public familiar with its popular Spartans football and basketball teams. The university, located in the heart of the city and within walking distance to the convention center, Tech Museum, performing arts and even ice hockey, is the oldest institute of higher education on the West Coast. It also is credited with launching the university system in California comprised of 33 universities & campuses.

SJSU was founded in 1857 as a school for teachers in the western frontier. It was also the first school in what would later become the California State University System. The San Jose campus was the first of 33 campuses to establish the massive university system known today as one of the most desirable to gain admission into, especially in high tech fields. Nowhere is technology's importance more apparent than San Jose, home to companies such as Adobe which is located within walking distance to the university.

San Jose State's 154-acre main campus occupies a rectangle in downtown San Jose, and offers contrasts old & new. In addition to the ivy-covered brick buildings with their tall towers, the Martin Luther King, Jr., Library is a stunning, modern architectural design making ample use of glass.

Be sure to visit San Jose, and when you do, take time to wander over to the university campus during a break in your conference at the convention center nearby. Read more..>

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