California's Centennial Cities in 2011

Don't pity the poor birds at Ostrichland USA in Solvang, California. The farm that invites the public to stop and visit, does, indeed, sell ostrich meat and other healthy ostrich products. But the birds you see and pet are never destined to be on your plate as a meal or any other thing. They are strictly on the farm for the pleasure of guests to enjoy.

The 2nd fastest creature on earth that can maintain speeds of 45 miles per hour for up to 30 minutes, has become a popular alternative to beef. Ostriches have an incredible immune system and have survived over 120 million years, it is believed. And as a food source, they far surpass cattle and livestock in their environmental footprint.

While you can purchase ostrich meat, ostrich jerkey, emu oil and ostrich gifts at Ostrichland (which obtains its supply from commercial sources,) you also can just stop to visit the birds and admire their big eyes and graceful appearance. Ostrichland USA, 610 E. Highway 246, Solvang, CA (805) 686-9696.



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