California's Centennial Cities in 2011

There are 11 cities that officially turn 100 in 2011, and another city (Solvang) that celebrates its founding in 1911, though it wasn't incorporated till 1985.

Roll back the clock to 1911 in California. Some declared it was the end of the Railroad era. Cars (and soon planes) began to replace the train as popular modes of transportation, allowing for a greater influx of visitors and residents to California.

In California 1911 was a momentous year for women when the Women's Suffrage Movement got "women's right to vote" placed on the ballot for a successful "win".

In 1911 Standard Oil Co. (California) broke off from its parent, a giant New York-based corporation. The decision concluded the government's 4 1/2-year suit under the Sherman Antitrust Act against the Standard Oil Co. (New Jersey), its subsidiaries and affiliates. The El Segundo plant in Southern California was built in 1911 and a pipeline linked Richmond and the Kern River Field.

So who's celebrating 100 year anniversaries and what are they doing to celebrate? Read on!

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