Peacocks of Palos Verdes, CA

Great New Book On Peacocks in Palos Verdes

By Chris MacDonald

"The Peacocks Of Palos Verdes" is an exciting new book that's getting rave reviews. Written by Mary Jo Hazard, a Marriage Family Therapist, the colorful book talks about one of the most stately and proud birds around. Some of their fans reach six feet high. Every long feather is marked with an "eye." The shrill voiced fowl perch on fences and roost on trees. Their trains hang down and swing in the breeze. You'll love the beautiful photos.

The fun and informative book explains that peacocks have graced the seaside community of Palos Verdes for more than many years. In 1916, Frank Vanderlip, the peninsula's first developer, was given six pair of peafowl to "liven up" his quiet home in Portuguese Bend. The birds loved the peninsula and their families grew and populated new territories.

Amazingly, when the sun goes down, the peacocks return to their trees and, when they are settled, they give one more shout, "Good night. Sleep tight and don't fall out!"

Today, when you are in Palos Verdes you'll see Peacocks in the canyons and neighborhoods. Bravo to Mary Jo for her insightful and entertaining book. I recommend this book. The cost is $14.99. You can learn more about it at . This would make a good gift.


Photo: Author Mary Jo Hazard with a Peacock. This photo is from Bryce-Lowe-White

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