Plastic, The Wonder Invention - Bags Banned in Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Plastic started out as the wonder material and invention to save money and help humans gain access to a variety of foods and products cheaper and easier. What began as a great idea has had a down-side. Plastic is filling our bodies, oceans and environment with an excess of unhealthy chemicals. Pictured: plastic pails at the beach in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, CA.

While the Supreme Court ruled last week that Manhattan Beach, Calif., can let its law that eliminates using plastic bags in stores with more than 5,000 square feet stand (only an estimated 10 businesses,) not everyone is ecstatic about the ruling. Stephen Joseph, attorney for the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, said that Manhattan Beach managed to pass a plastic bag ban without doing an environmental review of any kind of quality.

Plastics are everywhere, and not everyone wants to see plastic bags disappear. But on the heels of the recent ruling, Santa Cruz and Long Beach are several California cities that hope to follow suit. There's more to come on this news topic, no doubt!

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