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Retro Holiday Slide Show Hits The Road in California

Girls, you've come a long way! There was a time when every girl's dream was to find lots of baby dolls under the Christmas tree, along with matching play kitchens and stand alone wash machines. How things have changed!

Charles Phoenix of the post-war (WWII) baby boom era, has an incredible collection of original photos from around California taken during the 1950's onward, and he presents them in comedy shows that he takes on the road. One of our favorites is his holiday presentation showing pictures of families celebrating the holidays with products and places that will make you say "wow". When you see the landmarks, traffic, signage and images from 50-60 years ago, you can hardly believe how crowded California has become, and how our lifestyles have changed.

Among his holiday selection is a photo of Phoenix, himself, receiving a shiny red bicycle , while the girl in the family gets the home-maker miniature appliances, babies and diapers, neatly lined up next to a Christmas tree.

The fun show for all ages isn't just a walk back in time. It's a comedy presentation and real eye-opener to look at how we've progressed, and maybe lost a little fun along the way. Traditions die hard, but thanks to this archivist comedian, you can look, laugh and listen to the tales of Christmas past, maybe learning something, but mostly being entertained. Phoenix offers a variety of themed events that include Disneyland and other fun places.

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