Rincon Rock Dance, Surfers Love It!

Ventura, Calif.- Right on the border of Ventura and Santa Barabara County is a little slice of paradise within view of I-101 where the road curves in sync with the mountains that end at the sea. If you blink, you'll miss seeing the dozens of surfers bobbing and surfing at Rincon Point, a well known spot with popularity that attracts surfers from around the globe who come to California on Surfing Safaris. Surfers love Rincon Point where three sets of waves typically roll to shore. Getting into the ocean requires stepping on and over a set of rocks — surfers sometimes describe it as a "rock dance."

I'd read about Rincon and seen it hundreds of times on that stretch of road between Southern and Northern California. It isn't far from La Conchita, the little town by the railroad tracks overlooking the Pacific, where a landslide a few years ago buried several residents in their homes.

If you ask locals whether Rincon is in Santa Barbara or Ventura, many will answer that it is one or the other. Some say it is in neither. And the correct answer is that Rincon is in both counties in their unincorporated lands. Ventura County shares a portion with the popular Rincon Point and Santa Barabara County has a portion of it with an official name, Rincon Beach County Park. That portion has a hillside picnic shelter with tables and BBQ, and available to rent for picnics and events.

Widely respected for some of the Central Coast's best surfing, every age converges at Rincon. Visitors who want to take in ocean views, have a picnic, snap photos, or stroll the beach find the stop an interesting cultural experience, or on slower days, just a pleasant outdoor break from the road trip.

Rincon Beach Park operated by Santa Barbara County is 3 miles east of Carpinteria adjacent to the Santa Barbara / Ventura county line. From Highway 101 take the Bates Road turn-off south to the park entrance. Hours: 8 a.m. to Sunset. Reservations: (805) 568-2465. countyofsb.org

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