San Diego Invites You to Spend A Day at the Docks

Boating and fishing are for everyone, believe it or not. In San Diego, the maritime past and present loom large over a city situated on a bay where military, commercial and private vessels all share the same waterways. An annual event held on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at Point Loma called Day at the Docks celebrates San Diego's proud marine roots with free entertainment, exhibits, and rides. Held annually for 32 years, the event invites the public to walk on the new dock renovations funded recently by the Port of San Diego, try your hand at fishing, wander the extensive fleet of boats and vessels along the waterways, and take free rides on a variety of boats and vessels. Day at the Docks is fun for all ages. It includes bands performing, lots of free clinics where kids can get instruction in fishing, demos, and famous radio personalities, plus much more.



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