San Diego's Pacific Beach is Back For Summer

Pacific Beach, or PB, never actually went away. It is merely being relinquished by locals who each year go through a psychological ritual of preparing themselves for the summer onslaught of tourists who will eat, shop and sunbathe or even surf on the residents' favorite beach. The only thing that changes is the quantity of people converging on this tourist destination. San Diego receives approx. 30 million tourists each year who stay overnight in places such as Pacific Beach, downtown, Gaslamp, Coronado, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach and Mission Bay. And most of the 30 million tourists come in just three months-June, July and August. Known for having the best weather in the world, some say, San Diego lives up to its reputation as a vacation paradise for those seeking culture, cuisine, and local color.

And why shouldn't they? There are 1,000 miles of beaches and coastline in California, but few places offer beach hotels smack dab on flat, sandy beaches just outside the door of your modest to mid-range accommodations. Pacific Beach provides the digs that tourists want in the price points that are mid-range, and along with it are crowds, kiosks, restaurants and bars, surfing, swimming, strolls, bike rentals on the three mile paved path, etc. Pacific Beach is every man's beach and makes for a great vacation.


Don't dress up.
Don't pretend you are something or somebody else. Be your adorable self.
Don't pack too many clothes. What you're lacking, you can buy on the spot.
You don't even need to drive or rent a car, though it is nice to have. Public transportation gets you around the city.

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