Santa Claus Eviction and the People Who Saved Him in Oxnard, CA


If you ask how the economy is doing in California, Santa Claus could have told several years ago how he felt the pinch. After living on the rooftop chimney of a shop on Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria, he got “the boot” and was evicted. In fact, he was set to become “obsolete.”

We pity the poor children who never had opportunity to see Santa Claus in his regal form. But today’s youth still get to see him and the reality reflects what Christmas is all about–giving from the heart. Santa now resides on the side of the road next to the northbound lanes of the Interstate-101 in Oxnard, near a trailer park. Residents take care of Santa, painting him and keeping his smile bright.

Thanks and a shout goes out to all the citizens of Oxnard who saved Santa for the world to enjoy (millions of passengers drive past Santa each year!) and Merry Christmas to all!

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