Scene (or Seen) in the Rear View Mirrors of California

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF.-When pouring through millions of photos of California I have taken during my decades as a pro photographer, there are more and more out-takes of meaningless images that document the journey, thanks to the digital revolution. Some of us learned how to shoot with film cameras, and had to go into a lab and to print photographs with wet chemicals. We tended to be more conservative, due to the cost per image. Now most people just snap, and some even download.

A rear view mirror image was seen as I drove away from the Huntington Beach City Beach parking lot on 6th and Pacific Coast Highway. Though it could have been 100 other beach locations, I felt the tall street lights with the particular decorative curves and the height of the palm trees next to them was my clue at to where this image appears.

With enough imagination and time, you can start your own rear view mirror gallery, too! It's useful when you are sitting at stoplights for hours on end and looking for things to keep you entertained.

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