The Woods - Classic Woodies & Wooden Surfboards Collector Craze

Classic woodies at car shows include wooden surfboards to complete the package

California Beaches — Who would have thought what once was a grunge car used by surfers to cart their boards to the beach would become a popular collector item representing a lifestyle? If you hold on to some things long enough, they may go up in value and price, and nowhere is that more true than with those old, beat up Town Cars from the 1940's & 50's that now can sell for $150,000 or more.

The wooden surfboards go for a lot less, but like the woodie car, the wooden board isn't seen in production much anymore and though a classic board only gets around $10,000 ($20,000 in rare instances,) the combo of woods — wooden surfboards & woodies, has created a craze and a culture that means business for those who sell the classics and the dream.

While many of the owners of woodies are authentic, old-time surfers who can tell you about the times they drove their woodies to the beach to surf when great storms brought in the "big ones" and gave them thrills, some classic car owners are simply hobbyists who love the culture and like to restore (or own) old vehicles. Many of the cars are timepieces of history and culture. Restoring old woodies is a hobby that can take years to complete a single car. Like a detective, the restoration requires finding vintage parts, fixing the deteriorated wooden side panels, and interior wood treatments, keeping the engine running, and getting just the perfect paint job. None of that comes cheap.

For those who just want to see the cars in all their glory, be sure to check out our calendar of events that includes some of this year's California woodie car shows.

For those who want to jump into the market and purchase the finest woodies available, minus the work, here's a beauty! A 1948 Chrysler Convertible Town & Country brokered on and sold through their Laguna Niguel Woodie showroom. Asking price is $149,950 (no surfboard included)

Sales copy: "You take her out for a test drive; the warm summer wind is blowing thru your hair and you are hooked! She is one of the most sought after convertibles of the era, a 1948 Chrysler Town and Country convertible. The woodie glides down the highway smoothly; stranger's heads turn to grab a glimpse of this luxurious vehicle! The color is a very moody dark blue with matching blue leather seating, a tan top, radio, heater, power top, dual spot lights and a roaring 8 cylinder engine with Fluid Drive transmission."

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