Sleek Cars and Fine Wine –California Gold (Country)!


This photo was taken at Ophir Winery in Newcastle, California, located in the Sierra Nevada mountain foothills approx. 40 minutes outside Sacramento. Part of the Sierra Foothills AVA (American Viticultural Area), the winery sometimes opens its doors to the public during special wine events sponsored by local groups. During such events you may see classic cars and cool people in the unbelievably beautiful setting.

It’s not difficult to understand why some would give up big city life to enjoy the serenity of California’s countryside.

They call this region California Gold Country, because these very hills once were filled with thousands of prospectors from around the world, looking for gold. The California Gold Rush occurred for a brief time in the mid 1840s-50s, though there are still a few mines around the area. Today, the Gold Country in the Sierra foothills has become a popular place to live and even own farms. Fruits grow especially well in the area, where the new “gold” is wine.

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