Standing on Top of the World - Great Vistas in California

California's got it covered when it comes to great views "on top of the world". While major coastal cities in the state- San Diego, Los Angeles & San Francisco- all have high rise cocktail lounge viewing spots with comfortable chairs and designer drinks, there are also places you can stand outdoors and see the horizon as it seems to ends at a set of mountains or just continues on among the sparkling waters of the Blue Pacific.

Some of our favorite city-views include San Diego's Point Loma at its very tip. Head over to the Cabrillo National Monument and look around. Awesome sight!

In Los Angeles, San Pedro has an excellent view spot (seen in photo) next to the Korean Friendship Bell. You feel like you can fly, but don't try it.

In San Francisco, many prefer Twin Peaks to see the city. San Francisco is filled with spectacular vistas so this is by no means the only place you'll find inspiration. Just one of the best.

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