Stories in (Grave) Stones Columbia State Historic Park, CA

Columbia State Historic Park operated by California State Parks is one of the most interesting places to visit and learn about the history of California and the Gold Rush. One of its unique events is Stories in Stone, a tour that takes participants through the historic cemetery. Led by gas lamps carried by actors dressed in period clothes, the participants visit a series of grave stones where actors illuminated by lanterns tell their stories of how they livedľand died. It is an amazing show to see. At one grave marker a woman tells of how her baby died and sadness crept into her life as she faced a series of challenges, one after another. She died fairly young. 

Events throughout the year include docent led tours that provide information about this once thriving city that was a commerce center during the Gold Rush. Other annual events include the Ghost Tours, Poison Oak Festival, Sarsaparilla Roundup, 4th of July Celebration and events every month. If you can visit one place in the Gold Country, this certainly ranks among the best. Upcoming events include:  Annual Old Mill Run - Columbia SHP; Columbia's Victorian Easter Celebration.

Set outside the town of Sonora in Tuolumne County, this gem has several hotels that are true to the period.

When you stay at one of the two hotels, the Columbia City Hotel or nearby Fallon Hotel about a block away, the authentically restored 19th Century country inns provide accommodations as faithful to 19th century decor as possible, though modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing, heating, and air conditioning have been added.

The Fallon Hotel has a performance theater inside its building providing plays that attract guest actors from all places. The quality productions are a great option during visits.

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