Plastic Trash Zombies Dance 4 Oceans

We all create it-tons of plastic that goes into the world's oceans, choking birds, sea creatures, and as links in the chain of life, ourselves. California has led the way on many fronts in minimizing impacts to the ocean, but there's a long way to go, and one unique nonprofit dance group has taken their show on the road to deliver the message.

The Plastic Trash Zombies comprised of youth and adults appeared recently at the Whale of a Day celebration Rancho Palos Verdes. Dressed in trash, the dancers wore trash bags, bottles, pet litter bags, plastic hats, bracelets, and clothing made out of trash. The plastic-bogged creatures danced to tunes from popular songs that contain messages and darker tones to illustrate the point that plastic in oceans has killing effects. If it sounds a little harsh, the entertainment itself is light-hearted and appeals to all ages. See Video!

One member of the group said, "We all volunteer our time to do this because it's something we believe in." She said the group's founder hopes to get grants or be funded so they can reach more people-especially kids.

Dance 4 Oceans group appeared at the 27th annual Whale of a Day held at Point Vicente Interpretive Center on March 5, 2011. Set on cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island where whale watching opportunities abound, the event attracted more than 3,000 people and included Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, numerous non-profit groups, special animal and bird guests, and entertainment, food, vendors and give aways. If you missed it this year, it will return again on the first Saturday in March 2012.

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