Swim with Fish in Semi-Sub Ride in Redondo Beach


Be wowed! Darting rays, fast bass and other fish swim with your semi-submersible underwater viewing boat, "Looking Glass," which operates on weekends at Redondo Beach Marina. Two seven-foot horizontal windows near the boat's bottom allow you to join the underwater extravaganza without getting wet. Captain Lloyd explains the fish and the world down under seldom seen by most people. It's fascinating to "swim" along with a large school of colorful fish and view the ocean floor, whose growth allows some fish to blend in and hide from predators... read more>

On Sept. 25, 2011 the Looking Glass is hosting a free ride for Banjo Day. Show up with a Banjo and ride FREE!!

For current info Call (310) 909-3179 or fastkayak.com (scroll down to link: "Looking Glass" Our Glass Bottom Passenger Boat in Redondo Beach. Cost is around $15 adult; $10 child (subject to change.)

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