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Redondo Beach's Semi-Sub -- Swim With Fish

By Craig MacDonald

Redondo Beach, Calif.--Be "wowed" by the darting rays, fast bass and other fish swimming with your semi-submersible underwater viewing boat, "Looking Glass," which operates on weekends at Redondo Beach Marina.

One of Redondo Beach's boat attractions that include sportfishing or whale watching adventures and even a r0mantic gondola ride, the semi-submarine is an extra special outing for families with children. Allowing them to sit inside the cabin and even touch the windows in hands-on learning, colorful fish can be seen, swimming in their very own schools.

Two seven-foot horizontal windows near the boat's bottom allow you to join the underwater extravaganza without getting wet. Captain Lloyd explains the fish and the world down under seldom seen by most people. It's fascinating to "swim" along with a large school of colorful fish and view the ocean floor, whose growth allows some fish to blend in and hide from predators.

Before descending into the semi-sub's bottom, guests ride topside and view sea lions basking in the sun and other marine life. Kids are particularly fascinated by the adventure, discovering new fish and enjoying the captain's friendly and inspiring narration.

"The Looking Glass tour is very entertaining and quite popular throughout the year," said JoAnn Turk, president of the King Harbor Association. It's located next to the kayak and pedal boat rentals, off the International Boardwalk.

"When your boat returns, you can visit the unique shops and dine at the excellent restaurants, pick fresh catch from the seafood markets, and look out at the harbor while you eat," Turk said.

To find out more about the exciting underwater viewing tour, go to and scroll down to "Looking Glass." You'll find so many fun things to do such as renting a bike, swimming or attending a festival, you might end up spending a week having a blast in Redondo!

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