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Venice, California and Famous Muscle Beach

Venice Beach is one of the famous Los Angeles places that has a big reputation. Muscle Beach is known throughout the world as a place tourists want to visit and see for the exercise buffs who buff out in the open with tourists passing by watching.


Located on the south side of Santa Monica's beaches, Venice was named from the small canals and once - Italian style living that was built to lure home buyers to this seaside place. Believe it or not, there was a time when getting people to move to the beach wasn't that easy, but that was 100 years ago practically. Today the homes along Venice Beach are well over $1 million in this pricy neighborhood of Los Angeles County.

Venice Beach is a popular tourist attraction for more than just Muscle Beach. The Venice Pier is an anchor for the beach, providing a place to stroll and see the vistas such as Santa Monica Mountains to the north. Among its activities you can fish for free on the Venice Pier. You'll find beach concessions near the base of the pier. They rent bicycles, blades and you should be able to find fishing poles for rent, as well.

A paved strand that runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean connects Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey and an area of beaches near Los Angeles International Airport in an area called South Bay.

With a bicycle you can ride over 20 miles throughout the South Bay beaches. You'll be amazed how many people do this. The parking is limited but with a bike that includes a lock-up chain, you'll have additional mobility that cars don't have.

Venice has several nice, affordable hotels providing a place to stay so you can get to know this funky, fun beach town, shop, dine, and explore.

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