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Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles County's South Bay, is one of several beach cities known for their eclectic appeal and close proximity to jobs in Los Angeles. Nearby LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) provides easy access to world travel just minutes from most South Bay cities (Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Playa del Rey and El Segundo.)

These cities north of the Port of Los Angeles and Rancho Palos Verdes are located in a naturally formed bay with Marina del Rey, Venice and Santa Monica to the north.

Hermosa Beach is requires visitors cope with one issue--parking. It is a small beach city but the visitors love the surfing, sunbathing, shopping and dining. They scour beach parking which fills up fast most weekends and the even park in Redondo Beach or nearby and ride bikes, skate and walk to visit their favorite beaches.

Hermosa, beautiful in Spanish, has one or two hotels on the beach with swings, volleyball nets, and most anything a tourist would want. Once your hotel room is secured, you can park your car and never have to drive.

The small but active city and residents know how to enjoy their natural resources. Take, for instance the Sand Snowman Contest. Held in December, people flock to the beach to compete for the awards of "Best California Snowman" or "Best Dressed" categories. Be forewarned that sand sculpting is an occupation in California so the novice may face some heavy competition if not prepared.

Other events include:

Every Friday the Farmers' Market starts around Noon, rain or shine. Strawberries, tomatoes, squash, artichokes, asparagus and pistachios sold by certified farmers who grow the products at local farms. Sponsored by the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce

Annual SAND & STRAND RUN in February
This is the second oldest standing run in the L.A. area. Unique is its course design, with 45% of the run on the Strand and 55% on the beach.

Annual St. Patrick's day parade with a two day festival

August- International Surf Festival Sponsored by Beach Cities Health District the Chambers and Cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and Los Angeles Department of Beaches and Harbors

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