The Little Engine That Could - VWs Still Going Strong in California

They say there's only one place that rivals Mexico in the amount of classic Volkwagens still on the road-California! While many retired cars find their way south of the border from California, the classics do quite well in California thanks to the fine weather that keeps them in good condition even half a century later (or longer). VW fans have their own culture and car clubs that are unique, funky, and a bit old-fashioned. The clubs honor a car that rolled off the German assembly lines and became the affordable, long-lasting vehicle seen around the world.

Founded circa 1937 in Germany, the first cars off the assembly line were luxury vehicles. Affordable VWs were introduced in the U.S. around 1949 but didn't sell well initially. It took "Volkswagen of America" in 1955 to kick-start this economical automobile some compared to a bug because of its shape, to get sales moving in America. Entire books have been written about the Bugs, Beetles and Vans, part of a line of cars that are still produced today.

In honor of the spirit of VWs, there are car events in California with policies such as no entry fee for your classic VW car. One such event held at Old World Village in Huntington Beach, Calif., invites VW owners to bring their classics to be shown upon entry on a first come, first serve basis till all the space in the village is gone. Da Kine Kampwagens VW Car Show will be held at Old World Village on April 17, 9am 2pm, 7561 Center Ave., Huntington Beach CA 92647.



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