The Little Engine That Could - VWs Still Going Strong in California

IF there's one thing that you won't find at Disneyland, it's EMPTY. It's the kind of place you go when you want crowds, color, music, fireworks, baby strollers, silly rides, 3-D special effects, and fantasy.

My office is over 15 miles from Disneyland and I barely think about the place, but each night, the theme park enters my reality when I hear fireworks boom through the night. I haven't heard them for quite some time so I began checking out Disneyland's park schedule and discovered during the month of April the park is open nightly till midnight, and fireworks are planned every night in Disneyland. I get to experience my own thrill ride every evening as I work, and will enjoy it all summer long.

Nothing replaces being there, however. There's nothing like strolling down Main Street with the guys on the 4-seater bike singing barbershop quartet tunes, or Mickey & Minnie waving high to the crowd as you board the little horse-drawn trolley. Toon Town is a visual fantasy that turns me into a kid and the Mad Tea Party has a really peppy song, even if you don't wait in line to get on the spinning teacup ride.

For a one-day, one-park pass plus parking you can get in for a day of fireworks and colorful shows for around $95. There are discounts for two-day, park-hopper and other types of passes, and during the month of April the park is open till midnight every night. For the most bang for your buck, it's not a bad time to go. I try to visit Disneyland at least once each year because it offers insight into what the trends are in entertainment and travel. Disneyland has it down to a science in the entertainment field, allowing marketers to observe what's new, how travel & tourism is shaping up, and who's visiting California and spending money in the Golden State! Oh, and there's a lot of food & fun, fireworks, songs, and rides, as well.

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