The Many Uses of Surfboards


Throughout California towns where you find surfing you’ll often see surfboards scattered around the landscape. People work on them in their garages, they hold yard sales to try to get a few bucks off of an old un-needed board, and in some cases we’ve seen them used for signs above a door of a business, or as decor on a fence or wall. The photo shows a surfboard-accented fence in front of a house in Oxnard.

You don’t have to be a surfer to love the surfboards, and you can get a used board for next to nothing if it’s really old. We all know surfboards are really designed and shaped for placing in the water where you stand on the board to catch rides on waves. An old board usually has to be cleaned up as it is normally coated with layers of surf wax that must be applied so that people’s feet can stay on the the otherwise slick surface. Once you scrape off the wax you have a wonderful, cultural icon you can use as home decor.

Other uses for surfboards include tables, as shown at the famous Don the Beachcomber restaurant.

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