Trees You CAN Cut and Trees You CAN’T in California!


DON’T even think of cutting the famous Lone Cypress Tree that stands on a rock overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Monterey Bay in Pebble Beach. This tree has been visited and photographed by millions of people and is the top attraction on 17 Mile Drive.

We received information from Karen Whitaker at the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association that visitors can get a tree cutting license and cut trees in the National Forest. That sounds like a fun idea if you happen to be visiting Northern California (there’s nothing like a Santa Ana wind to dry out a tree cut and shipped from Oregon!)

A variety of tree species to choose from can be found in the National Forests in the Shasta Cascade region, but the most sought after is the Silvertip. Silvertips are a fir species, commonly found in the higher elevations, making them a little tougher to find. With the Silvertip’s fragrant smell, sturdy limbs (for ornaments) and overall beauty they are the perfect pick for a Christmas tree! Other favorites for Christmas trees are fir species including Red firs and White firs, often found in the lower elevations.

Spend an afternoon exploring nature's winter wonderland, while creating life long memories with friends and family. A couple favorite spots for locals include Snowman's Hill and Eskimo Hill, both of which offer excellent sledding opportunities that are sure to bring smiles to awaiting faces. For those interested in cutting a Christmas tree you must first purchase a Christmas tree cutting permit, which can be purchased at one of the many Forest Service offices; by visiting the California Welcome Center in Anderson, or mailing in a form for the permit to be mailed to your home. The permits are $10 per permit. See:

Other trees you can’t cut include the National Christmas Tree, General Grant, in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park.


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