Trendy Andaz (Hyatt) in West Hollywood Has Special Filtration for Smokers

Everyone knows that non-smokers hate hotel rooms where cigarette smoke seeps in through the air vents from "smoking" rooms. In fact, many hotels have gone smoke-free because of vehement travelers who simply won't stay in places that permit smoking.

So when the West Hollywood Hyatt did a makeover, it maintained loyalty to its smoking clientele by adding special filtration to "smoking" rooms. Guests who smoke don't have to smell the cigarettes either, the management explains on its website. It is one of the many odd things about a hotel with a unique clientele.

This is where Little Richard lived for most of a decade; it is where Jim Morrison hung by his fingers from a balcony, perilously close to sure & sudden death should his hands slip-he got booted out for misbehaving and scaring other guests! This is where Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) threw a TV out the window of his room. And the antics go on. It is a 14-story hotel that includes a rooftop where the final tour party scene of This is Spinal Tap movie was filmed.

When you visit the multi-million dollar make-over hotel today and see life-size photo displays of Ozzy Osbourne, you understand that this is a hotel that looks space age, but still honors the independent character of West Hollywood and those who have visited and stayed. Some have come to perform down the street at House of Blues, Whiskey a Go Go, The Roxy, Troubador and other famous clubs. Many have actually launched their careers in West Hollywood, in fact.

With the space age look, tolerance to smoke and a history of loving its legends, Andaz West Hollywood, which started out as the Gene Autry Hotel in 1963, is an interesting place to visit and spend the night. West Hollywood comes to life after dark so if you are a night owl, you might find that a New Year's Celebration and stay at Andaz is the cure for your rainy day blues. Note: You can walk to House of Blues literally just steps away from the hotel.

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