Unique, Free & Cheap Rides to Get You Around California

If you arrive in a city and suddenly realize those fashionable shoes don't looks so pretty on your sore & tired feet, why not hop on a bike-taxi and get down to your hotel before you fall apart? You can do that in places such as San Diego and Huntington Beach, thanks to innovative businesses that take the leg work out of your trip. There are lots of cheap and free ways to get around California without having to walk.

But a bicycle tax is nothing new-the Asians and Europeans have made use of wheels and for human-powered vehicles as an environmentally-friendly opportunity for businesses to earn some money while helping tourists and locals get around. Such rides are especially useful when you are running late, your feet hurt, you're carrying something heavy, or you just want to have fun.

One of the best places to get a free ride is Laguna Beach. A trolley bus runs throughout the summer and winter, connecting travelers throughout the city.

Best place to rent a bike is Redondo Beach. When people come calling for sales calls, the Crowne Plaza marketing department will often take their guests out for a courtesy ride to show them the how many people get around on a bike. It is a lifestyle that connects the South Bay cities all the way from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica-and you stay on dedicated bike paths with other riders.

Best place to take a train is San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. It is such a great opportunity to be able to take an affordable ride. The best deal of all is in Los Angeles on the Metro Rail system where most rides are around $1.50. That's cheap!

While the boat is another mode of transportation not to be overlooked, the rides that used to be cheap have gone up in price. Still the best deals are the ferry in Balboa ($1 person) and the Water Taxi in Long Beach, around $1.

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