Victorian Architecture in Eureka & Ferndale, CA

Tourists stand in front of a beautiful pink Victorian building in Eureka, California to photograph something even more spectacular, the famous Carson Mansion.

California isn't particularly known or recognized as the epi-center of Victorian era lifestyle, but there is a place in the Golden State where you can see some fabulous architecture that has survived a century of earthquakes, floods and fires. In Humboldt County the Victorian Village of Ferndale and the City of Eureka both offer examples of Victorian architecture worth a visit that usually includes seeing the tallest forests in the world on the Redwood Coast.

Eureka was established in 1850 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Landmarks as Historical Landmark No. 477. Beautifully-restored buildings dating to the 1800s make up the downtown shopping area comprised of several blocks, though you can see fine Victorian homes and buildings throughout the city and region, as well.

One of the most amazing buildings in Eureka near the historic waterfront is the Carson Mansion. When you visit, you won't want to miss the most photographed building on the North Coast. Located on 143 M Street, the mansion was built mostly in Queen Ann style architecture. It was completed in 1886 and served as the home of William Carson, who some credit with being the first to ship redwood lumber from the region to San Francisco with the newly formed Dolbeer and Carson Lumber Company. The 3-story Carson Mansion has 18 rooms and over 16,000 square feet. It is now owned and used by the Ingomar Club.

20 miles south of Eureka is the Victorian Village of Ferndale, filled with an entire shopping district of immaculate buildings dating from the 1800s. It's a must-see during coastal road trips on the 1-101.


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