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Eureka, California is the gem of the Northern California Coast. Pictured is the Carson Mansion. It is among our 3 favorite things to see in the city.

History, culture, shopping, dining, and ocean setting, and the towering redwood forests, are compelling reasons to visit, and the tourists do come. International travelers really love the area as much as Californians, themselves. It is not uncommon to see people stop their cars, or take a stroll and begin pointing their cameras at a building or house. The homes are incredible showpieces of another era. Thanks to the abundance of redwood that surrounds Eureka, the houses were mostly built around the turn of the 20th century with this type of wood that survives much stronger and longer than nearly any other building material. Drives through Eureka and the nearby Victorian village of Ferndale are worth the trip for many who are amazed to see such beautiful home displays.

Eureka Events include Mad River Run, Brew at the Zoo, Blues on the Bay and Gotwit Days. One of our very favorites that passes through town is the Kinetic Sculpture Race. It's sometimes out of this world! Free Old Town Concerts and springtime Easter Egg Hunt or Zoo Egg Hunt keep people hopping.

With the oldest zoo in California, Sequoia Park Zoo is owned and operated by the city of Eureka, and one of the highlights for children with the Barnyard, a petting zoo.

Eureka is a fantastic place to visit, especially when the sun shines. And though the average rainfall is 40 inches per year, the many beautiful days of sun help to provide a lush, green atmosphere along the Humboldt Bay not far from California's giant Redwood forests.

Eureka features a beautiful harbor, shopping, superb dining and the beautiful Victorian houses, including many that have been transformed into Bed & Breakfast properties.

Hotel Carter, a 4 Diamond AAA property, is one that provides the B&B experiences plus all the amenities of modern life. That's because it is modeled after a turn-of-the-century Eureka hostelry with all the charms of a warm European-style auberge. It was built from scratch in the mid-1980's to resemble a Victorian house. The Carter House Inns maintain four such properties in Eureka.

Eureka is listed in the National Register of Historic Landmarks as Historical Landmark NO. 477 CITY OF EUREKA. Eureka was founded as a town in 1850 and incorporated as a city in 1874. Located on the remote northwestern coast of California, Eureka was the region's major port of entry by water in the 19th century before the construction of good access by land, and rose to historical prominence as the major social, political, and economic center of the region. 'Eureka' is a Greek expression and a popular mining term meaning 'I have found it.' Address: NW corner, 3rd and E Sts, old town, Eureka

Nearby in Humboldt County there are so many fun events to see that you can't do it all in one trip. This home of the Sasquatch hosts Big Foot Days Festival Parade in Willow Creek. It's BIG!

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