Wheel to the Sea, An Adventure for the Wheelchair Bound Who Love Nature!


Question: What do the Sierras and the Santa Monicas have in common? Ciana! Her last name is fittingly called "Grove" and she loves helping share the great outdoors in one of the longest running outdoor events for the disabled held each year in Southern California. Ciana Grove travels from her office and home base in Auburn as a coordinator to help produce the amazing Wheel to Sea trek that begins in the Santa Monica mountains near Newbury Park and ends up at the shore of Malibu. The event is held on Saturday, November 5, 2011.

Thanks to countless volunteers (adventuresome types, themselves,) teams of people are assigned to help those who are wheelchair bound experience an exciting day on wooded trails that lead to Pacific Ocean in the heart of Los Angeles County.

Open to individuals in wheelchairs, including Iraq, Afghanistan and other military Veterans (and their families,) and others such as non-wheelchair users with minor Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, blindness, deafness or debilitating illnesses who are welcome to push a wheelchair or join in, and a cadre of volunteers, this is an event that has 26 years of exciting adventure and success. Here's more information about signing up or visit wildernessinstitute.com

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